Megan Yohn

Lancaster, PA

wedding and portrait photography
for the loving and joyful

Get to know meg

Hey everyone, My name is Meg, but I answer to just about anything! Not being great with names myself, I am not at all picky about what people call me. Some of my nicknames include: Meggers, Megs, Maverick (Jes is Goose), and Sugar Buns (honestly though, that one's just for Dave). I head up our East Coast branch of MaeWood Photography, a high school English & Special Education teacher, a fur-mom, lover of light, and generational story teller. J-Law & foxes are my spirit animals, my heart is always beating to the sound of music (even if there's none actually playing - music is in my bones always!), and need yoga in my life in order to keep my sanity! 

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