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The Process

You’re here because you are engaged to the love of your life and we can't wait to celebrate that love with you!  You are absolutely in the right place and we are so glad you’re here!!

When we both entered into this journey, it was because of a very special wedding, and two amazing individuals who wanted to support our business. They are the two people that gave us the push to go legit just two years ago! When we chose to shoot this wedding, we made a pact that weddings wouldn't be our forte, and that we would stick to portraits as our area of expertise... but you guys... we fell in love with love! We just can't say no and our 2018 goal is to book more amazing, luxury weddings for couples who are head over heels for each other in love. We want to help each couple start off their legacy with friendship and joyful memories that they can feel in their bones for anniversaries to come. 

The friendships and experiences that we’ve created with our MWP Couples lasts far beyond the wedding day and we believe that’s how it should be! We’re excited for you to keep scrolling down to learn more about what being an MWP bride truly means and how we can provide you that one of a kind experience and friendship!

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Gavin and Molly at Kenneth Hahn Park

"You guys could not be more amazing.  You both are truly beautiful inside and out."

You guys could not be more amazing. I'm so happy and know that we will always promote, support, and recommend you! We really cant thank you enough for all that you've done and given us. You both are truly beautiful inside and out. You're talent shines through, and know that you made our wedding day that much more special. All of our guests gave great compliments to your work and were so impressed. Know you are truly doing what you're meant to. 




love notes




You both made our wedding day so special. We were exhausted, hungry, and the rain was bitter cold, but you brought so much fun and life to our wedding day and showcased our love so much that we didn't even notice. We love our photographs and we can't thank you enough!

"you...showcased our love so much"

love notes

A Note from
Jes and Meg

We serve a very specific bride and groom who value a joyful and amazing experience from the start of their wedding planning, through to their anniversaries for years to come. 

the process


Let's Be Friends

During your MWP wedding experience, we will become great friends! Meg and Jes will have your back one hundred percent of the way, and you will learn that you can trust us with your love and legacy. Our process is not a one size fits all model. We get to know each of our brides and grooms, we understand their love, dreams, and desires for their wedding day, and we showcase their own personal story. 

We serve a very specific bride and groom who value a joyful and amazing experience from the start of their wedding planning, through to his/her anniversaries for years to come.  On your wedding day, you will spend more time with your photographers than your spouse, so we want to make sure we are the perfect fit for you! We will get to know each other online, follow and spread some love, and chat during your consultation meeting. We will also share with you our favorite timeline and specialty shots that we capture at every wedding to make sure that we don't miss a moment of love on your and that you have a photography friendly wedding day!

Once we have decided we are the perfect fit for each other, we will start the booking process! Start off by filling out the contact form so we are one step closer to your dream wedding day!

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Save The Date

the process

Save the date

After we have gotten to know each other and we have explained our entire MWP BRIDE EXPERIENCE to you, we will send you your customized booking proposal. To make sure your date is secure, you will review your proposal to make sure everything we chatted about is included and paying your retainer fee to make everything official! You are now an official MWP Bride/Groom! 

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the process

The Engagement Session

EEEEEk... we have a surprise. After you book, we’ll schedule your complimentary engagement session. Yes, that's right... it's not included in your package, it is just a gift from us to you! Don’t worry about a thing, this is where we will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know for your wedding day! We thrive at helping our couples get comfortable, feel like themselves, and take joyful candid photos of your love. It won't take but fifteen minutes and you will feel like you were made to be in front of the camera...GUARANTEED. After your engagement session you’ll be featured on the MWP Blog and you will receive your high resolution digital images in an online gallery, that you can use as you wish! 

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the process

The Count Down

With just 30 days left before your luxury dream wedding day, we will start to be in contact with you even more! We will send over our wedding day questionnaire for your family shot lists, we will start perfecting the details, and send you special surprises that will help you prepare for the next chapter in your love story. We know you might feel overwhelmed and stressed out about the final weeks of wedding planning, but know that we are here for you and we are honored to help you and make sure your day runs smoothly! 

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the process

Your Wedding day

Well that flew by! It’s time to celebrate, relax and let us get to work! Here at MWP, we truly believe in telling the full love story for our brides and grooms, so we commit to shooting at least eight continuous hours on your wedding day. Although you may not believe us now, you won't remember many parts of your wedding day, it might be a complete blur, so it is our job to be your eyes and capture every moment from all perspectives. After your wedding day, you’ll be featured on the MWP Blog before you know it! 

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the process

Gallery and Album Design

After your wedding day has come to a close, you will receive an online gallery with every moment of your wedding memories, and some you may have even missed! HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them! Not only did you get to live and love during your wedding day, without stressing about missing any special moments, but then you get to relive them for the rest of your journey together, and share them with generations to come. Most of our MWP Couples like to sit down and snuggle up the night that their gallery goes live and enjoy reliving their wedding day through each of their carefully captured and unique images! Your gallery will be downloadable and shareable for family and friends. If you added an album to your order, you will receive your album design within just a few days of your gallery, and we will begin your album customization process. 

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