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At MWP, we photograph light and airy boudoir portraits for the everyday woman.
This woman wants to see her TRUE self in exquisite photographs that stand the test of time. Photos that immortalize her legacy and showcase her confidence in her skin. Although boudoir is excellent for gifts, this woman wants to be photographed by MWP for herself. This woman may share the images with her partner, but her experience is for her alone. We do not believe in the photo-shopped body or a face of freckles covered with makeup. We believe in your beauty and provide you, the every day woman an experience that lights your soul on fire. This woman isn't a model. It is a mom, a teacher, a grandmother, a lawyer. It is the lady you bumped into at the bank. It is you.

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boudoir Photography

your empowering experience through boudoir photography services

pricing & packages

Little Black Book Collection

$999 + tax

Includes Hair & Makeup, Styling Services, 1.5 hour session, & Standard Retouching,

All Digital Images
on a Crystal USB

 8x8 Handmade Linen Album
($600 Credit)
20 thin panoramic pages (10 spreads)

A la carte options and album upgrades available.

Preferred Upgrade Collection

$1,699 + tax

Includes Hair & Makeup, Styling Services, 1.5 hour session, & Standard Retouching,

All Digital Images + Slideshow
on a Crystal USB

 10x10 Handmade Linen Album
($1,000 Credit)
40 thick pages (20 spreads)
Inside a White Protective Box

A la carte options and album upgrades
available at 10% off


Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes! You can set up automated payments each month until your session, and we also offer payment plans for any additional artwork at your reveal appointment that can span up to 3 months after your session.  Please keep in mind that you will receive your digital images and your products after your payment is made in full.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Of course! We will send you an invoice where you will be able to make payments with a credit card. You can also apply for paypal credit, if you choose. They offer up to 6 months interest free!

Q: Can I just get digital images?
A: We know we live in a digital world, but your boudoir photographs are art. We honestly see them as something totally different than a beautiful portrait. They require an experience that can only be provided by fine art prints and albums, keepsakes for you and/or your partner. With your album or a la carte orders, you will also receive your corresponding digital images on a crystal usb!

Q: How far out should I book?
A: I would recommend booking at least two months prior to when you need your album!

Q: Will you share my images publicly on your website or social media?
A: We, of course, would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos! HOWEVER, we also completely understand if you or your significant other might be uncomfortable to share them. We will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their images that they give us full discretion to choose images for our portfolio.

Q: I'm not a model or a lingerie kind of girl, and everyone on your site looks like a model. Can I actually do this?
A: Absolutely! Lingerie is not the only way to look and feel sexy. You can do a boudoir shoot wearing a dress, robe, button-up, tank top, etc. I also take your question as a compliment because not one woman on my website or in this guide is a model! I can make you feel comfortable, sexy and look this amazing too!

Q: Can someone come with me to my session?
A: Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get started with your session! We don’t mind at all if there is one friend with you to cheer you on, but we do ask that they sit back and relax and not interfere with your session. We also have a referral program for back to back sessions that provides you both a discount, if you are interested.

Q: Can I order additional products from my session at a later date?
A: My general procedure is to delete boudoir galleries after the order is complete as a measure of security. With your permission, I can backup the 35 images in your album, or any additional digitals images you purchase, on an encrypted server. 

Q: Can you just send me an online gallery?
A: We meet in person for your photo reveal to both assist you with viewing and curating your photographs and to keep your privacy safe. Boudoir is a touch more sensitive than all other sessions we offer, and we take your privacy very seriously. Storing your images anywhere online leaves you vulnerable to being hacked and exploited. Instead, we set time aside to have you back at the studio and reveal your images in a safe location and provide you your images through your printed album and USB drive.