We like to think of ourselves as your ninja sidekicks ready for any challenge, providing solutions on the spot, having your back at every turn, and capturing the little moments along the way, so you can be present in your life!

We are keepers of memories, timeline creators, veil fluffers, giggle inducers, and stress relievers. We are a YOU-Centered exclusive service dedicated to genuinely capturing your love story, family, or feminine empowerment while being one of your biggest supporters from the time you say "Yes!" and beyond.

NOT JUST YOUR Photographers

But your wedding day

ninja sidekicks

& Coordinagraphers

What the heck is a coordinagrapher?

We are so glad you asked. Coordinagrapher is a term coined by Michael, Jes' husband and our lead videographer, and explains exactly what we do! While we do indeed capture your season of life through photography and videography, we also help you coordinate, plan, and execute so that your memories show nothing but joy and love! You will never wonder what you should do with your hands, feel awkward during portraits, wonder if you are running late for the next event, or feel out of control because we will have that all covered for you! We will know when you need water and whip it out like a magic trick and at just the right time.

We are Jes and Meg, and we have been best friends for over four years now and shooting together for almost three. We met at the high school where we both worked as special educators.

Now, we live on opposite sides of the country, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to create magic together! We bring balance to each other and as often as possible we work together so that our strengths unite to provide our couples, families, and individual clients an experience they won't forget. 

Michael, Jessica's husband has also joined the team as our lead videographer!

So whether you are here as a bride, a mamma to be, or searching for family photography, you are in the right place! We are so glad you've joined us and we hope our art speaks to you. 

Phoenix, AZ

Lancaster, PA

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We are located in Phoenix, Arizona and Lancaster, PA

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